office 365 login

Office 365 login - you can login to office 365 page by email, registered phone number or skype account. You should be having valid office 365 login credential which you have created at the time of office 365 setup process.

Office 365 is Microsoft online office version which you can access any where any time with similar feature and functionality of office 2010 or office 2016 version.

Before access office 365 you should buy it online or through retail and follow the office 365 setup process.If you do not have office 365 credentials first create an account

Office 365 login - how to create new account?

  • Go to
  • Enter your Phone number
  • Or use your any email id and click on Next
  • Enter your passowrd
  • You will receive Verification code, Enter to verify phone number
  • After verification, Enter your name
  • Choose your email address
  • Choose your country and time zone. it's done
  • You will be taken to page
  • If you already have office 365 subscription go for office 365 login directly
  • Office 365 login - Buy office 365 or Enter your product key

    If you already have microsoft acocunt, login to your account.

    If you don't have office 365 subscription

    • Click on Buy now option of myaccount page to buy office 365
    • After buying visit my account page and click on "Enter a product Key"
    • You will be redirected to page.
    • Enter your product key to verify it and start your office 365 subscription
    • After verification you will be taken to choose office version - office 2016 or office 365
    • Chosse office 365 and your account details such as work or school email id
    • You are done now

    If you have office 365 subscription

    Go to directly for office 365 login

    How to do office 365 login?

    Office 365 login is very easy if you already followed all above steps:

    • Go to
    • You have option to install office or go for online
    • office 365 online
    • Click on "New"- you will get options
      1. Word
      2. Excel
      3. PowerPoint Presentation
      4. Sway Page
    • your all documents will be saved on cloud - Access these documents any time and from anywhere.

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